Friday, March 23, 2012

Inspiration and more

Inspiration, never a bad thing. Street art a good distraction here you go. Together inspiration and street art (aka graffiti) make for an interesting combo.

 "You're never too young to dream big". Meaning you're never to small to dream big. If it matters my dream is to finally understand these damn organic chemistry labs. #sarcasm?
This was found outside Santa Monica College March 20, 2012 it may or may not be a Banksy.

Different inspiration. Study your organic chem or else you may have to resort to this. #haha?

Last but not least lets throw in Banksy (assuming the first one isn't Banksy). If organic chem fails go out with a bang like the crayola shooter. This one was found in Westwood, California near UCLA in February of 2011 behind an urban outfitters.

Now back to studying.

And always if you're bored or broke check this out:

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